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Life Rewired Shorts

Woman lying down staring at her phone

See how filmmakers respond to what it means to be human when technology is changing everything in our series of shorts, documentaries and animations exploring Life Rewired themes. 

Animated woman in the sky

Life Rewired Shorts: Web Jungle by Yanqi Liang

What does a ‘free world’ look like for humans? Exploring ideas around surveillance and freedom, animator Yanqi Liang presents 'Web Jungle', a surreal world where civilians are surveyed by a group of administrators who monitor the jungle. 

Animated woman stands in front of a burning sun

Life Rewired Shorts: Extra Life by Matthew Harmer

If you were inside a machine which could simulate biochemical processes - would you be real? Or would you actually be just a series of 1s and 0s? Enter the world of online gaming and meet the people who inhabit these virtual territories. 

Man in kilt standing on a hill

Life Rewired Shorts - WiFi in the Glen

How much do you rely on technology? Meet the residents of a remote community in the heart of the Scottish Highlands in ‘WiFi in the Glen’ to learn some of the surprising ways technology has influenced this ancient place.