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Barbican announces a multifaceted artistic improvisation experience with Circle of Live, blending music, a kinetic sculpture, scenography, and dance

Reflective panels form a circular pattern against a blue smoky background

Circle of Live – In Concert with JakoJako, Joep Beving, Laura Misch and Sebastian Mullaert

+ Heleen Blanken & Nikita Goile

Circle Of Live is set to captivate the Barbican Hall with a three-hour immersion into the realm of artistic improvisation, merging diverse talents across music, visual arts, and contemporary dance.

Rejecting formal structures, Circle of Live encourages both performers and audiences to explore the raw beauty of artistic improvisation. This special event transports audiences away from conventional performances, ushering them into a journey where creative worlds converge, birthing never-before-heard music.

Co-curated by acclaimed Swedish recording artist Sebastian Mullaert, and Niko Seizov of Starling Works, Circle of Live pioneers all-night-long, freeform jam sessions that unite esteemed musicians and ensembles from diverse genres, fostering an environment without creative bounds. These sessions feature collaborative and solo performances, letting creativity flow organically without predetermined schedules.

This multidimensional experience unites music, technology, visual arts, scenography, and contemporary dance. Music crafted on the night emanates from a dynamic ensemble of artists: JakoJako, an innovative Berlin-based sound artist mastering modular synths; Joep Beving, a celebrated Dutch pianist renowned for emotionally stirring compositions; Laura Misch, a multifaceted London-based saxophonist, vocalist, and genre-fusing producer; and Sebastian Mullaert, revered for his innovative contributions to electronic music and fostering collaborative, improvisational experiences. All these elements converge simultaneously, complemented by a unique kinetic art installation and light show by Heleen Blanken and Daniel De Bruin, as well as a contemporary dance performance by Nikita Goile.

Sebastian Mullaert says:

“When we allow creativity in a free and pure form, we welcome life, we heal. Circle of Live is an invitation to take part in this – Welcome!”

Find more info about Circle of Live here and Starling Works here

Produced by the Barbican

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