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Inside Out

4 people in anoraks are on a windy beach. One has a bright pink wig.

A year exploring the relationship between our inner lives and creativity. 

Throughout 2020, Inside Out will showcase the work of artists who have found pioneering ways to articulate their innermost thoughts, feelings and desires, and how this can help us to better understand ourselves and empathise with each other’s experience of the world.

The programme will interrogate themes such as identity, self-expression and how we shape our private selves in a world in which we are more socially connected than ever. It will highlight courageous artists and individuals who have challenged society’s definition of them, including those that have found ways to express themselves during times of censorship.

‘With today's pressure to both reveal more of ourselves and to conform to societal expectations, Inside Out creates a space for us to take a step back to consider who we really are‘
Louise Jeffreys, Artistic Director

Projects & Installations

Through the year, we will present a series of projects and installations that invite audiences to delve deeper into their own inner worlds, including:

  • Retreat, an initiative from Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning which invites an artist to create a space on the Barbican’s Level G that engages visitors in a dialogue around the human need to retreat and reflect on their inner experience.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard a co commission with Lumen Arts Projects, which explores how our personal relationship with play changes as we grow up.
  • Soundhouse will invite audiences into an intimate listening cinema on Level G, using the power of creative audio and podcasting to portray our inner landscapes. 
  • OpenFest returns in 2020 with a programme inviting audiences to Play and Pause in the heart of the city, connecting with their own creativity, at their own rhythm.