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Make a difference to a young person and make the world of art accessible to all by helping us to expand our Creative Learning programme

Help us create a place where the arts are not a luxury, but for everyone to enjoy.

Did you know there are some things you can’t always see when you visit our galleries or attend a film or performance?

This is the world that unlocks young people’s creativity and enables them to express themselves with art that changes them. Where the talents of promising young artists are fostered, and the transformative benefits of art are made accessible to our community.

Through our learning and participation programmes such as Barbican Box or Barbican Young Creatives, thousands of young people experience art and unlock their creativity every year.
Our Young Creatives programmes, for example, give talented young people a chance to develop their skills in a supportive community, while accessing all the resources of the Barbican and Guildhall School.

This has been such a successful model that we want to expand the offer to more groups, and work in centres around the country.

Will you help us create a world where art is neither luxury nor privilege with a generous gift today? 

A donation of £10 helps subsidise tickets for young people (ages 14–25) to see a Barbican theatre or music performance.

With a gift of £25 you can help cover the cost for a young artist to attend one session of Barbican Young Poets.

And £50 will help one student explore all the art forms in the one-day cross-arts experience for schools that we call the Big Barbican workshop.

‘We’ve set a goal to raise £50,000 this year in order to reach more young people and make the arts accessible to more members of our community.‘
Sir Nicholas Kenyon, Managing Director

Kareem's Story

The story of Kareem Parkins-Brown is just one brilliant example of the transformative power of the arts. With the support of the Barbican Centre Trust, Kareem participated in the Barbican Young Poets programme. Not only is he now supporting other young artists, but he credits Barbican Young Poets with changing his life.

Kareem Parkins-Brown

Barbican Young Poet

'Young Poets gave me the tools and space for carving a better understanding of myself. From the age of 4 I have stammered. I saw conversations as routines I would be scored on, alienated because I couldn’t communicate. When I got onstage at the Barbican to perform my poem ‘Dream Dealer’, the stammer disappeared. It confirmed that the stage was the only place in my life I’m able to speak uninterrupted. Now I know the arts world is where I’m supposed to be.

This is how much the Barbican Young Creatives programme meant to me.

I am so very grateful to everyone who supports the Barbican.’

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