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Barbican Foyers

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Our Foyers are perfect for conventions and large-scale events. Take in our iconic architecture with these buzzing and flexible spaces.

Level G

The Level G Foyer is located on our ground floor and at street level. Its views which take in the Lakeside make it an open and light space, great for big events. Our Level G Foyer is centrally located and gives views of our inside and outside architecture.

Level -1

A diverse and open space providing access to our Barbican Theatre and Hall. Ideal for registration, catering and exhibitions. Book independently for large exhibitions, parties and dinners.  


Key features and inclusions

Level G

  • Private foyer area for catering and exhibitions 
  • Access to the Barbican Lakeside
  • Access to the Fountain Room and our Level G Studio 
  • PA system
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Width: 30m (98'5")
  • Length: 74.3m (243'9")
  • Height: Max 5.9m (19'4") / Min 2.6m(8'6")

Level G also provides access to Level 1 via lifts and stairs, with a balcony overlooking the Level G foyer. This provides access to the Balcony Level of Barbican Hall. 

Level -1

  • Private foyers  area for catering and exhibitions 
  • Central registration desk with five plasma screens
  • Direct access to the Barbican internal roadway
  • Access to the Stalls Lounge (a private room)
  • PA system
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Branding Opportunities incl. plasma screens and poster sites


  • Width: 26.2m (85'11'')
  • Length: 40.2m (131'11'')
  • Height: 4.8m (15'7'')

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