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Film4 Short Film Screenings

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A selection of short sci-fi films commissioned by Film4.

Film4's Foresight Shorts are five short science-fiction films that envision the future from the perspective of their Black and Brown characters, created by young Black filmmakers living in the UK and commissioned by Film4. 

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Event Information

These screenings will be taking place on the Level G foyer at the following times: 
Saturday 30 April, 12pm - 6pm. 
Sunday 1 May, 12pm -3pm 

The five films will be played on a loop throughout the day. 

You will need to collect a wireless headphone from hosts on the foyer to hear the audio. 

Drop-in. No sign-up is required.

Film4 Foresight Shorts

person sitting in dark room on a chair wearing beige t-shirt and trousers

They Heard Him Shout Allahu Akbar

Zaid, recently released from prison for an unknown crime, tries to reintegrate into his previous life, but finds that the arms of the state can control what he says and does

black and white image of a young black boy

Foresight: X Us

Two brothers journey to a new settlement on Titan. Their interactions reflect the subtle naivety and anxious fear this huge moment means for each of them amid an industrial-sized group of migrants.

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The Future Isn't What It Used to Be

In 2080 climate change has forced human beings from Earth. Those who remain live isolated nomadic existences. In the desolate landscape, Dez unearths a morsel of the past, which leads to a mission.

young black boy wearing a red wool hat and navy blue jacket, with bruises on cheeks

Twice as Good

The night before Grace's son Dee Dee's seventh birthday, an intruder crash-lands into her kitchen and she must decide how to protect her son while navigating the complexities of Black parenthood.

black girl with a white headband, looking sad.


Ziba, Ché, Neela and Kofi use their devices to take trips through their memories to settle an argument. Directed by Elliot Barnes-Worrell; written by Elliot Barnes-Worrell and Hasti C.

Level G