A Bundle Of Shorts (U)

10am Framed Film Club Extra / 11am Films

28 June 2014 / 11:00
Cinema 2


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10am, Cinema Cafe
Framed Film Club Extra

Come along before the films today for a free hour-long activity to get you in a cinematic mood.

+11am, Cinema 2
A Bundle of Shorts 
Join us for another of our specially curated concoctions for little ones. A programme of short films, this fantastic selection will feature stories from all over the world in bite sized chunks.

In an empty, timeless setting, funny little figures wander around with no apparent purpose... until a stone falls from the sky.

France/Belgium 2013 Dir Ulrich Totier 9 min

How do you get a fly to skip town when the town is full of juicy food? That's the conundrum Tommy the Kid and Bubble the Gum face, when Billy the Fly comes streaking through the sky. Billy can't stay, but they don't want to see him go. But when a gang of cleaners get a sniff of Billy, they might not have a choice...

Malaysia 2014 Dir Lim Wee San 6 min

Separated from his family, a determined lion cub finds his way home with the help of an unexpected friend.

US 2013 Dir Justin Melillo 4 min

In the calm of the jungle, an unusual noise scares the animals who proceed to panic one after the other; spreading a scary rumour that has hilarious consequences.

France 2013 Dir Frits Standaert 8 min

+Twins in Bakery
Gaining inspiration from an animal poster on the bakery wall, these delightful twins build scrummy animal creations when left alone.

Japan 2013 Dir Mari Miyazawa 5 min

+The Delirious Tales: The Chicken, the Elephant and the Snake
Take three animals; one from a farm, another from a desert and the third from the jungle. Put them together and you get this charming tale.

France 2012 Dir Fabrice Luang-Vija 5 min

A story about a squirrel named Mac, who finds an enormous acorn. Greedily, he boards himself up in his home with the acorn to keep his new found treasure for himself. Yet, over time, Mac gets lonely and comes to realise the value of friendship.

US 2012 Dir Jackie Marion 4 min

One hamster falls for another in this exciting dash around the world. Or so we think...

Germany 2009 Dir Harry Fast and Jacob Frey 3 min

+In the Shadow
A squirrel protects his tree house from a sign that blocks the sunshine.

Croatia 2013 Dir Manuel Sumberac 4 min

+Alfred and Anna
Professor Alfred has lost his passion for giving music lessons. However the arrival of a new student returns his enthusiasm and changes his relationship with Anna forever.

Spain 2012 Dir Juanma Suárez 15 min
Spanish with English subtitles

Total approximate running time 61 min

No unaccompanied adults or children

Part of Framed Film Club

Please arrive promptly at the advertised start time

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