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Ferran Carvajal/Trevor Carlson: Not a moment too soon

Trevor Carlson, close friend and Executive Director to Merce Cunningham, reflects on the 12 years he spent as a companion to the choreographer, offering a rare insight into the final days of a master.

Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham: If the Dancer Dances (PG*) + ScreenTalk

How can a new cast of dancers inhabit a work from another era? A dance has no script or score; it only comes alive when it’s passed from one dancer to another, body to body.

Person sat in the outback

Lynette Wallworth: Collisions

This immersive Emmy Award-winning documentary transports you to a startling collision between cultures, the viewing experience enhanced by 360-degree vision, CGI animation and enveloping sound.

A dreary office space

Enda Walsh: Rooms

Ushered into a series of five realistic spaces, housing clues to the character once confined within their walls, you’ll hear haunting accounts of solitude as part of an immersive theatre installation.

male dancer jumping mid air

Night of 100 Solos: A Centennial Event

On the night Merce Cunningham would have turned 100, the Barbican participates in a one-off global event to celebrate the most influential American-born choreographer of the 20th century.