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Two women in the foreground. One is holding a microphone up to the other.

Alan Fielden with JAMS: Marathon

This is theatre for a generation engulfed by the fog of information in the digital age, where the storytelling is disrupted, never fully taking shape, as our narrators try to recall an event.

Wooden slats, slopes and piles of dirt on a stage

Manufactory: Transforma & Sascha Ring (Apparat)

Combining live video, physical theatre and music, a new piece by Sascha Ring (Apparat) and Transforma reflects the rhythms and physicality of labour.

Helen Morse speaking as people sit on the ground listening.

Brink Productions: Memorial

In this richly layered theatrical experience, Alice Oswald’s extraordinary poem is performed on a grand scale, brought to impassioned life inside Jocelyn Pook’s transporting, otherworldly score.

Lucy Stevens as Ethel Smyth in Grasp the Nettle

Guildhall School presents Ethel Smyth: Grasp The Nettle

This new play, with music by contralto Lucy Stevens and pianist Elizabeth Marcus, weaves together Dame Ethel Smyth’s music with anecdotes from her confidants, her letters and her own writing.

A screen on the top half of the image showing a woman's face and the sea. Below is a woman in a bedroom film set and a narrator in a recording box.

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord: The Malady of Death

Through an intricate blend of performance and live cinema, this production explores intimacy, gender, emotional paralysis, and the male and female gaze.

Royal Shakespeare Company: Macbeth

Christopher Eccleston makes his RSC debut in the title role of Shakespeare’s psychological thriller, opposite Niamh Cusack as Lady Macbeth and with Edward Bennett as Macduff.

Man carries large piece of wood with projection on it.

Colin Dunne: Concert (Dance Umbrella)

Two artists united by a deep appreciation of tradition yet compelled by their desire to break it apart: Colin Dunne takes on the ‘undanceable’ music of the enigmatic Tommie Potts (1912-1988).