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London Symphony Orchestra/Nathalie Stutzmann

Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony

Nathalie Stutzmann conducting

In this mighty symphony, the culmination of his life’s work, Bruckner strove for total perfection.

Dedicated to God, and written in D minor, just like Beethoven’s Ninth, Bruckner’s Symphony No 9 was to be the epic product of ten years’ obsessive labour. But Bruckner died when he was working on the final pages, which have now been lost.

On his deathbed, he suggested that the symphony could be made complete with his Te Deum, a radiantly passionate choral hymn of praise. On his copy of the score, the composer Mahler wrote admiringly that the chorus was written ‘for the tongues of angels.’ Its massive sonic forces complete a symphony that is in turns solemn, ferocious, searching and resigned.

Under her baton, the LSO strains every sinew to support his gargantuan final achievement. The London Symphony Chorus raise their voices to the heavens with celestial clarity in the Te Deum.

Change of artist

Christina Nilsson is ill and has been forced to withdraw from this concert. We are extremely grateful to Lucy Crowe for agreeing to step in at short notice. All ticket holders are in the process of being notified.
Posted Friday 9 February 9.30am

This performance will end at approximately 8.40pm. Please note that there will be no interval.

Produced by the London Symphony Orchestra

Barbican Hall