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Sukhwinder Singh + Young Masters

Sukhwinder Sing playing tabla and smiling at the audience

A chance to witness one of the finest international tabla masters and some of the best emerging artists in this double bill.

We open the Festival with two of India’s most loved instruments, the iconic sitar and sarod. Sengupta and Shrivastav, among the best emerging talents in India, perform a duet of captivating music through soul-stirring ragas from the Hindustani tradition of north India. They are accompanied by another young rising star of the tabla, Patitundi.

One of the finest tabla masters living outside of India today, Sukhwinder Singh’s breathtaking, rhythmic improvisation stands him as one of the great masters of the form. Having learnt his art from legendary Pandit Kishen Maharaj amongst other masters, he has become known for his formidable, flamboyant style. He is accompanied by Milind Kulkarni, who plays the nagma, a melody that is repeated with rhythmic precision.

Presented by Darbar in association with Barbican

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photo of man playing sarod in an empty conference room

Barbican Sessions: Soumik Datta


Deep within the Barbican, British Indian composer Soumik Datta performs ‘From Raag to Reel’ on his custom built, fretless sarod (a 19-stringed instrument).

image of parveen sultana

Listen: Indian Classical Music

The quintessential Indian Classical Music playlist - this is music of drama, depth and dedication suitable for novices and experts alike.

Milton Court Concert Hall