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Poems of Ecstasy

Singers at Six

An image of the BBC singers

Purity and profundity from the BBC Singers is found in choral works mourning loss separated by two continents and five and a half centuries.

As a themed palette-cleanser before Scriabin’s calorific Poem of Ecstasy, the BBC Singers invite you to wallow in the pure beauty of Josquin des Prez, who died 500 years ago in 1521, and the UK premiere of an avian lament from American composer Hannah Lash. 

In 1480, Josquin des Prez made his own setting of the moving poem depicting the mother of Christ witnessing her son’s crucifixion, the Stabat Mater. Josquin’s music unfolds in sixteen stately paragraphs, restrained but open-hearted. Lash wrote her Requiem pro avibus mortuis in 2012. It is a devotional work that ‘mourns the loss of birds that have either become extinct or endangered.’ 

The performance will finish at approximately 7pm. 


photo of roderick williams singing

Barbican Sessions: Roderick Williams and Andrew West


Filmed in an empty Milton Court Concert Hall, baritone Roderick Williams and pianist Andrew West perform a beautiful rendition of 'An die Nachtigall' by Johanness Brahms.

St Giles' Cripplegate