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London Symphony Orchestra/Roth

Ravel, Stravinsky & Francisco Coll

Conductor François-Xavier Roth

Ravel dances on the edge of the volcano, Stravinsky plays a hand of poker, and violinist extraordinaire Patricia Kopatchinskaja joins François-Xavier Roth for something new.

All music paints a picture. Ravel’s La Valse evokes a civilisation spinning dizzyingly towards the abyss, while Stravinsky’s Jeu de Cartes finds wit, fantasy and life-or-death drama in a pack of cards. The young Spanish composer Francisco Coll, meanwhile, is a painter as well as a musician: his new Violin Concerto was created specially for the fabulous Patricia Kopatchinskaja.

If you’ve experience ‘PatKop’ in action, you’ll already know why she’s one of those musicians who acquire a cult following. ‘You can only win the freedoms you dare to take,’ she says. ‘The limits are in the imagination’. This new concerto from Francisco Coll will allow her to be her inspirational, untrammelled self.

Rescheduled event
This concert has been rescheduled, with a partially revised programme.

The performance is expected to finish around 9.30pm, including a 20 minute interval.

Barbican Hall