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London Symphony Orchestra/Roth

Varèse, Ravel & Berlioz

Pianist Alice Sara Ott

Ravel does jazz, Varèse fuses Mayan rituals with 1930s electronica, and Hector Berlioz goes completely off the rails, in this very French extravaganza from François-Xavier Roth.

‘Oh! How can I find her? To intoxicate myself with the anguish and joy that is true love!’ Lélio is a lover, a dreamer – and a composer. And if you think his name sounds a bit like Berlioz: well, we don’t want to give too many spoilers for Lélio or The Return to Life.

But it’s safe to say that any concert that begins with the primal ritual of Varèse’s Ecuatorial – and includes the remarkable Alice Sara Ott in Ravel’s elegant, jazz-infused Concerto in G – isn’t afraid of extremes. And that Berlioz’s crazy one-man music drama, written at the height of an unrequited love affair, is a delirious odyssey through the Romantic imagination, told in some of his most flamboyantly original music. You’ve never heard anything quite like it.

The performance is expected to finish around 9pm, including a 20 minute interval.

Barbican Hall