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London Symphony Orchestra/Rattle

Dutilleux Correspondances

Conductor Sir Simon Rattle

Two great musical traditions, and two distinct ways of hearing the universe. Sir Simon Rattle journeys from Schubert to Ravel, by way of Dutilleux, Debussy and Gustav Mahler.

‘As long as autumn lasts, I hardly have colours enough to paint so much beauty …’ Two wanderers, Schubert and Mahler, reach out to each other across a century of German romanticism. Debussy plays games in the twilight, Ravel dances at daybreak, and Barbara Hannigan dives deep into Henri Dutilleux’s heartbreakingly lovely songs.

Hannigan has been called ‘the coolest soprano around’, and few singers can find their way more surely to the heart of the matter – in this case, Dutilleux’s profoundly moving meditation on life, memory and art. Sir Simon Rattle pivots the whole concert around that moment, travelling from the dark landscapes of Schubert and Mahler to the radiance and sensuality of Debussy and Ravel: the climax to a beautifully conceived sonic journey.

Rescheduled event
This concert has been rescheduled, with a revised programme.

The performance is expected to finish around 9.00pm, including a 20 minute interval.

Barbican Hall