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BBC SO/Stutzmann

An image of Nathalie pointing at the camera joyfully whilst conducting in a recent concert

Orchestra and chorus are united for Brahms at his most hushed and Strauss at his most extravagant as Nathalie Stutzmann makes her BBC Symphony Orchestra conducting debut.

In the combination of choir and orchestra, Brahms found the perfect medium for spellbinding visions of paradise and heartfelt lamentations for lost love. Both are enshrined in the hushed tones of Nänie and the Song of Destiny, for which Nathalie Stutzmann marshals the full forces of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

After that, something totally different. Also Sprach Zarathustra is the most spectacular orchestral journey Richard Strauss ever conceived and much more than its famous opening bars – a proto-cinematic vision of human heroism that is wickedly exciting and touchingly tender.

The performance will finish at approximately 9:30pm. It includes a 20 minute interval.


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