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Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer (15)

Werner Herzog stands on a tree covered rural landscape, being filmed by a camera.

Master filmmaker, auteur, poet, truth seeker, explorer, brand, meme, actor, lauded voice artiste, doomsayer, legend… that’s Werner Herzog.

The iconic German filmmaker who pushes the limits of his practice and his form.

Now 81, Werner Herzog has done it all... He had a 320-ton steamboat hauled over a steep hill in Peru, has hypnotised his actors, climbed into volcanoes, talked to murderers on death row, and was once shot at.

He's been in The Simpsons, The Mandalorian, alongside his own films, which have a just cult following. 

With exclusive behind-the-scenes access into Herzog’s everyday life, rare archive material and in-depth interviews with the man himself and celebrated collaborators – including Christian Bale, Nicole Kidman, Patti Smith, Robert Pattinson, Chloe Zhao and his wife Lena Herzog – we are given an exciting glimpse into his work process and personal life in this comprehensive portrait of the iconic German filmmaker.

USA / Germany 2022 dir Thomas von Steinaecker 90 min


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