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Tiger Stripes (15)

A young girl in a headscarf grasps onto the kitchen sink in a dark red kitchen at night.

Coming-of-age meets horror in a girl's journey through puberty, set in Malaysia by Amanda Nell Eu.

Tiger Stripes is the feisty genre blending film by Amanda Nell Eu. Set in Malaysia, the story follows a young girl, the first in her class to get her period. The film was censored in Malaysia, whilst also being entered as the country's Oscar film that year, it sees a forceful cast of young girls who tell a bold story about the detrimental effects of societal judgements around their development.

The girls attend a conservative, all-girls Muslim school in Malaysia. Twelve-year-old Zaffan (Zafreen Zairizal) is a natural rebel, leading her friendship group, daring to take off her headscarf, and getting in trouble with her teachers. 

When she is the first in her class to get her period, things start to change. The film goes from coming-of-age to body horror, as Zaffan heads into the jungle. 

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2023 Malaysia dir Amanda Nell Eu 95 min

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