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Opposite Places, Common Traces

A Barbican Library FREE Foyer Exhibition

A photograph by architect Francisco Ibanez Hantke from his collection Non-Structures

Architect and photographer Francisco Ibáñez Hantke, invites us to reimagine the transformation of two global cities: London and Santiago. 

Presenting a selection from a decade-long documentation, the show explores the visual and symbolic language of various ephemeral urban elements, from building and demolition sites to mutated, propped up, and obsolete structures.  Using similar diffuse light, more characteristic of London than Santiago, the images blur the lines between time, space, and place, weaving a visual narrative that both contrasts and merges the two metropolises.  The exhibition encourages visitors to observe common local and global urban challenges from opposite sides of the world, inviting us to rethink the future of urban change in a dialogue between architecture, urban planning, art, and design.  Francisco is the author of 'Non Structures' published by Velvet Cell, 2023.  The library is closed on Sundays.

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