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LSO Family Concert: Magic and Music

Suitable for 7- to 12-year-olds

Purple and blue sparkly art

Presented in a fun and informative way, LSO Family Concerts feature music based on a theme and offer the chance for everyone to get involved by playing or singing along with audience participation.

Delve into a world of wonder and sorcery with music, stories and live magic. Let the enchanted notes cast their spell as you listen and sing along with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Pre-concert workshops 
Arrive early to take part in free craft and musical activities in the foyers ahead of the concert. Full details will be announced in late May. Please note there is no instrumental participation in this concert. 

During the concert we'll be asking you to sing along with the Orchestra in our specially written songs, There’s Magic In Us All and Let’s Make a Potion, and there will be practice sessions in the foyer beforehand.

This performance will end at approximately 3.45pm.

Please note that a photographer will be taking photos and video of this event and the pre-concert activities. If you have any concerns, or would like to be excluded from any photography, please speak to a member of staff on the day or email [email protected] at least 48 hours before the concert.

Produced by the London Symphony Orchestra

Pre-concert workshops

Singing Workshop, Freestage (Barbican Foyer, Level G)
(12–12.30pm, 12.35–1.05pm, 1.10–1.40pm, 1.45–2.15pm)
Join Suzzie Vango & Jo Smith to learn the participation songs Let’s Make a Potion and There’s Magic In Us All (both written by Lucy Hollins) ready to sing along with the LSO in the hall.

Percussion Workshop, Stalls Lounge (Barbican Foyer, Level G)
(12–12.30pm, 12.35–1.05pm, 1.10–1.40pm, 1.45–2.15pm)
Join James for a magical music workshop! You'll be summoning your wizardry to create a brand new piece of music on our fantastical percussion instruments. Conjuring rhythms and melodies and spellbinding them together, magic wands and drum sticks at the ready, we’ll work together to make something you’ll never forget.

Storytelling Workshop, Robert Stephens Room (Next to Shop Entrance Level G)
(12–12.30pm, 12.35–1.05pm, 1.10–1.40pm, 1.45–2.15pm)
Led by Ro Higgs, these workshops will look at all the magical and mystical characters from familiar tales, and explore how retelling the story from their perspective may well change the ending as we know it!

Craft drop-in, Club Stage (Barbican Foyer, Level -1)
Make your own magic hats & magic wands as well as the chance to invent your very own spells! Led by artist Lot Joy come and join in our craft activities, suitable for all ages.