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Fantastic Machine (15)

A longhaired woman in business and trainers wear lies back against a skyscraper in front of a city skyline.

Dive deep into society's obsession with image, where it came from, and the monster it has grown in to, in this documentary by Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck. 

The camera is a fantastic machine. To explore, explain and expose how our unchecked obsession with image has grown, filmmakers Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck turn their cameras directly on society itself to take a look at how this obsession has begun to change our behaviour. From the camera obscura and the Lumière brothers to YouTube and the world of social media, Fantastic Machine chronicles how we went from capturing an initial image of a back yard to a multi-billion-pound content industry in just 200 years.

With exclusive use of both archival and found footage, this outstanding new film uses the very medum it examimes in an exhilirating, hilarious and thought-provoking way.

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