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Visions From The Wake (12A)

Emerging Film Curators Film Series

A man and a woman look solemnly forward from a landscape.

Loss is a part of life, yet we often feel so isolated in our grief. These short films give form to our emotions, exploring alternative modes of mourning from filmmakers of the diaspora.

Composed of experimental, fiction and non-fiction shorts from the UK, Senegal, Cambodia and the US, the programme explore the radical potential of grief, dismantling capitalist and colonial narratives that frame grief as an emotion to be handled and hidden, a process in which you ‘get over’ mourning to return to prior order and productivity. Instead, these films look at the afterlives of grief and how it returns to us constantly.

Moving from a beachside in Dakar to a Google Maps view of Palestine, each film reveals how profound grief is a symptom of our love and dependence on one another. Rituals, digital landscapes and ghostly returns explore imaginative ways we can bear witness to loss and forge a new politics of empathy.

Curated by Cici Peng.


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