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Chronic Youth Film Festival 2023

A person sits on the floor of a living room in between the legs of another person sitting behind them on a sofa. A still from A Room of My Own.

Chronic Youth Film Festival 2023 presents A Time and a Place: A series of films depicting memories of life. How we choose to remember, what we choose to share and how all life coincides.

“Tackling the big and the small, the personal and the political, this year’s festival’s array of films couldn't be more different. But they each capture a moment, blips in space and time, that have resonated with each of us, a collective of very different perspectives that have been thrown together. A mix of documentary, fiction and something in between, this year we jump from each scattered pinpoint, and celebrate the different snapshots.” The Barbican Young Programmers 2023

Programme Notes

The festival features the UK London premiere of How to Save a Dead Friend from first time director Maryusa Syroechkovskaya – a emotionally raw documentary filmed over 12 years that documents Maryusa's relationship with her partner Kimi alongside the backdrop of authoritarian Russia and the push towards greater authoritarianism. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, a documentary by the renowned Ross Brothers showing the end of a dive bar in Las Vegas that has become home to a range of characters over years. The Passion of Remembrance - a visual mosaic from 1986 that warmly profiles black brits growing up in Thatcher's Britain. A Room of My Own, a queer Georgian film set during the Covid pandemic. And Delphine’s Prayers - an unflinching series of conversations between Delphine, a young Cameroonian woman living in Belgium and director Rosine Mbakam.