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A Fortress​/Une forteresse + White Zombie (PG)

Visions of Haiti

A Vampire in black and white looks forward

These two films explore, in vastly different ways, the ghosts of Haiti’s colonial past, screened together they form duelling cinematic presentations of a resurrection.

Miryam Charles' poetic short A Fortress explores the landscapes of Haiti, as a mourning couple seek out a DNA specialist rumoured to be able to resurrect their recently deceased adoptive daughter.

Considered Hollywood’s first feature zombie film, White Zombie, delves into the plight of an American couple seeking love and business opportunities in Haiti's Port-au-Prince. Released during the United States's occupation of Haiti (1915-1934) and inspired by William Seabrook's book "The Magic Island" (1929), the film subtly narrates the complex realities of the time.

Central to the film's narrative is the portrayal of the Vodou zombie—a figure intricately tied to Haiti's cultural and spiritual heritage. White Zombie delves into the mystique of Vodou practices, infusing the story with a captivating blend of history and horror.

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A Fortress​/Une forteresse,
2018, Haïti, Québec, dir Miryam Charles 6 mins

White Zombie
1932, USA, dir Victor Halperin, 70 mins

Total Running Time 85 mins

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