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Outsider Lenses (15*)

Visions of Haiti

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Spanning almost 90 years, this programme brings three formally different works by filmmakers based in the US, who approach the country as outsiders.

From the position of an outsider, each work seeks to document and understand the customs and everyday life of the Haitian communities they encounter, serving as fleeting historical glimpses of rituals and ceremonies performed on the island.

Starting with a glimpse of life in Haiti in the late 1930s to a fascinating exploration of Vodou rituals and a captivating study of rhythm and movement, these three films function as nuanced journey’s across Haiti’s cultural tapestry.

The programme features Haiti (1938), Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti (1954) and Chants and Dances for Hand (1991-2016). Read more about the programme below. 

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Total Running Time 113 min


Trigger Warning: This film contains scenes of a goat being slaughtered.

Trigger Warning: Contains footage of a charred corpse and a dead child, which some may find upsetting.


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