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Haitian Corner (15*)

Visions of Haiti

A man and a woman sit close opposite each other in a New York diner

Acclaimed documentary and film director Raoul Peck directs this poignant drama, which takes viewers on an immersive and emotional journey across two worlds: Haiti and the United States.

Set against a backdrop of cultural displacement and the struggles of the Haitian diaspora, this drama delves into the complexities of identity, and the pursuit of the American dream.

The story revolves around Jonas, a Haitian immigrant making a new life for himself in New York. Despite the physical distance from his homeland, Jonas grapples with a profound sense of longing for his native Haiti and the nostalgia of a life left behind.

Through a skillful blend of flashbacks and present-day, Haitian Corner explores Jonas's past, illuminating the reasons for his departure from Haiti and the challenges he faces in his adopted country. As he navigates the harsh realities of immigrant life, Jonas becomes entangled in a web of cultural clashes, societal pressures, and the struggle to maintain his Haitian identity amidst the allure of assimilation.

Tagged with: Cinema Visions of Haiti

Haiti/USA, Raoul Peck, 1988, 97 mins 

Total Running Time: 105 mins

Trigger warning: This film contains references to state violence and features testimonies of victims recounting their own stories of torture.

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