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Freda, Gessica Généus + I’ll Be Back, Hope Strickland

Visions of Haiti

A woman lies on her mother's lap on a porch

Two films, reflecting on colonial legacies and how they continue to infuse into lived experiences of the present.

Hope Strickland’s short is a reflection on Haitian’s colonial past, drawing on François Mackandal, the Haitian maroon leader, celebrated for his radical powers of metamorphosis, and paired with Freda, a compelling drama by Gessica Généus, takes audiences on an emotionally charged journey through the vibrant streets of Haiti. 

Freda, a young and determined Haitian woman embarks on a quest to rediscover her roots and forge her path in a society shaped by tradition and modernity. Longing to understand her identity, Freda sets out on a journey that leads her to confront deep-rooted cultural norms and confronts her history.

Freda delves into the complexities of Haitian society, where tradition and progress collide. Freda's journey becomes an allegory for the struggle faced by many Haitians, torn between cultural heritage and the modern world.

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I’ll Be Back, UK, 11 mins, Hope Strickland

Freda, Haiti 93 minutes, Gessica Généus 
In French and Haitian Creole with English subtitles.

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