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The Super 8 Years (12A) + Recorded Q&A

Annie Ernaux looks towards the camera in an old photograph

Nobel Laureate and internationally acclaimed writer Annie Ernaux transforms her home movies into a fascinating exploration of self and family life.

The Super 8 Years is a record of lives lived between 1972 and 1981. Annie Ernaux, working with her son David, has drawn together footage that was mostly shot by her ex-husband (and David’s father) Philippe. It’s a detailed account of domestic family life, at home and abroad, while also recording the period when Ernaux first became a published author.

Like Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words, which also used home movies to explore a public figure’s private life, The Super 8 Years transcends its source material with an artfully crafted voiceover. Ernaux’s steadfastly unsentimental prose style is evident in the forensic details that make her narration so compelling. 

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France 2023 dir Annie Ernaux 64 min

French with English subtitles

This screening is followed by a Recorded 30 minute Q&A

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