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The Night Of The 12th (15)

Still from The Night of The 12th

A fresh faced and a hardened police detective investigate a gruesome murder that keeps slipping through their fingers in this French crime drama. 

Yohan Vivès, a young detective, is faced with an unsolved case: a gruesome murder that took places in Grenoble, France, of a young woman named Clara. In the hopes of weeding out her killer, Vivès uncovers the victim's secrets, and must figure out which of Clara's ex-lovers is the monster in question. 

Writer-director Dominik Moll returns to Cannes with this stormy investigative drama based on the true crime novel by Pauline Guéna that examines a frayed society. The Night of The 12th asks poignant questions about stagnant beliefs held in France and the West that plague women today, and interrogates contemporary detective practices.

Ask yourself: in a sexist world, are women ever considered truly innocent? 

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2023 France-Belgium dir Dominik Moll 113 min

French with English subtitles.

Captioned Screenings: Please note, the following screenings are HOH Captioned:

12 Apr at 18:15 in Cinema 3


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