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The Killer (15) (AD)

An assassin looks menacingly out of a window in the dark.

Michael Fassbender stars in this surprisingly funny neo-noir about an assassin losing his edge, by none other than David Fincher.

In David Fincher's (Se7en, Gone Girl) most meta project yet, a highly trained killer with an obsession for the Smiths grapples lurches towards mid-life crisis.

Michael Fassbender brings a humanity and humour to the role of the assassin who bodging a job and begins to question why he does what he does, spiralling into perhaps his last tirade of revenge.

This film marks a moment in Fincher's career where he has stopped to question the reality of the assassins, spies, agent-types that are so familiar on-screen, but rarely presented as real people. With humour, and of course, wicked noughties aesthetic titles, and the cleanest of clean shots, Fincher brings a humanity to the genre of thriller in a rarely-seen way.

Written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en, Love Death & Robots) and starring Michael Shannon, Tilda Swinton and Arliss Howard.

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USA 2023 dir David Fincher 118 min 

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