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The Blue Caftan (12A)

Still from The Blue Caftan

In Salé, Morocco, the arrival of a young apprentice causes a ripple in a couple's relationship, in Maryam Touzani's melancholic queer drama. 

Living in one of Morocco's oldest medinas, a middle aged couple hold a secret: Halim's sexuality. When the new apprentice arrives at their caftan store, the couple's relationship gets turned upside down. Trust, passion and fragility are carefully woven into the film under the sensual direction of Maryam Touzani (Adam).

The Moroccan entry for last year's Academy Awards, The Blue Caftan was also nominated for both the Queer Palm and Un Certain Regard Award at Cannes 2022. A dream-like film hosting intense performances, The Blue Caftan carefully holds the minutae of everyday life, the intensity of love (in its many forms) and the rules that govern us. 

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Morocco 2022 dir Maryam Touzani 112 min

Arabic with English subtitles


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