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Taste: Hong Kong Identity in Food and Film (12A*) + ScreenTalk

Emerging Film Curators 2022

A couple eat together in a food hall

Celebrate Hong Kong cuisine and its people on film with a mouth-watering selection of foodie shorts. 

Hong Kong is known for its colourful variety of cuisine. Dim sum, char siu, sweet and sour pork, egg tart, black sesame soup, and many more. We present a programme of animations and live-action shorts that tell the stories of the food and the people of Hong Kong that will surely make you hungry.

We are delighted to announce that this screening will be followed by a discussion with Robyn Nicholl, co-founder of lifestyle and cultural mapping app Step, and Georgie Ma, presenter of award-winning podcast ‘Chinese Chippy Girl’. Please note that, owing to circumstances beyond our control, Angela Hui will not be able to attend this event.

Ticket holders will receive a free drink of Hong Kong-style milk tea. This event is supported by CHA DONG.


Kin's Hair

Kin had suffered hair loss since Pauline left him on the eve of Hong Kong's handover in 1997. What did he miss when he bumped into her after 20 years?

Hong Kong, 2018, Chang See-wan, Chan Kwun-chung, Wong Tsz-yin, 6 min


Winter Solstice

At the annual family dinner, siblings gather to show their care for their mother. All seems well, but simmering tensions overshadow the dining table.

Hong Kong, 2022, Szeto Ka-wing, 30 min


Is there a correct way to hold chopsticks? Two siblings argue about the importance of table manners.

Hong Kong, 2022, Nepoleon Lee, 6 min


3 Generations 3 Days

Ching needs to move her grandmother into a care home in three days. She learns her grandmother's story in the three days they spend together and considers how the past has shaped her emotionally distant mother.

Hong Kong, 2019, Chu Hoi-ying, 21 min


Yuen Yeung

A white American woman teaching English is keen to try Hong Kong’s culinary delights. A local economics teacher is her guide. Unspoken feelings and subtleties lost in translation fill their food adventures…

Hong Kong, 2019, Leung Ming-kai, Kate Reilly, 26 min


About the curators

Philip Ho, Aston Law and Vicgina Law, three Hong Kong-born Chinese, came together in 2022 after moving to London. They crossed paths in search of their Hong Kong heritage and decided to celebrate their homeland with the things they miss the most — food and cinema, which they agree are ideal for opening conversations and bringing strangers together.  

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