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Tangram x Beibei Wang: 五行 Wu Xing – Five Elements

Associate Artists at LSO St Luke's

A percussionist plays Chinese drums

Experience the vitality of contemporary Chinese imagination in this daring hotpot of ideas and cultures. Percussionist and composer Beibei Wang premieres her new music theatre piece with Tangram.

The collective of the five elements (五行) is central to Chinese philosophy and informs knowledge of cosmology, medicine and martial arts, amongst many other cultural practices. In this special evening, fire, water, wood, metal and earth are transformed into an arresting spectrum of sound combining Chinese folksong, Peking Opera and Western Classical music. 

Genre-defying percussionist Beibei Wang is an acclaimed international virtuoso multi-percussionist and founding artist of Tangram. She has been heralded by the Wall Street Journal for her 'high-energy virtuosity' and by The Times for her 'flamboyant' performance style. Tangram, Associate Artists at LSO St Luke's, are a trailblazing, London-based music collective growing transnational community by creatively celebrating Chinese cultures.


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