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Sick of Myself (15)

Still from Sick of Myself

Some people will do literally anything for attention. A wonderfully unhinged Norwegian comedy about a viciously competitive relationship.

Signe and Thomas are already unhealthily competitive with each other, despite being 'in love'. This is turned on its head when Thomas makes it as a contemporary artist. To grab back the lime light, Signe is willing to go to new, sickening extremes.

In a world of appearances, where we are all so digitally connected, real connection is hard to come by. Sick of Myself, the most unromantic comedy you'll see this year, interrogates the ugliest behaviours that threaten us all in our internet driven age. From the producers of The Worst Person in The World, we introduce you to a character who may actually be, the real worst person in the world.

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Norway 2022 dir Kristoffer Borgli 97 min

Norwegian with English subtitles

Films can contain elements which some may find upsetting; from references to self-harm or suicide, to sexual violence or domestic abuse. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) provides guidance to audiences, to help them choose what’s right for them and avoid what’s not. For guidance, please click here and type the film title into the search bar.

‘It’s really too bad the title The Worst Person in the World is already taken, because otherwise it’d be a perfect fit‘
‘Takes narcissism to a hilariously queasy new level‘

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