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Shabu (12A) (AD)

A boy embraces his girlfriend outside

Shamira Raphaëla’s upbeat comedy documentary follows teen Shabu one summer in Rotterdam, as he tries to get money (and fame) to pay back his grandma. 

After stealing and crashing his grandmother’s car – and getting a remote scolding from her via Skype – Shabu owes her €1,200 to be paid at the end of the summer. 

Then, spurred on by the dog days of a sun-dappled urban summer, inspiration hits – and Shabu decides to stage a block party in order to showcase his talents as a rapper and earn back his grandmother’s trust.

Shamira Raphaëla’s hilarious, endearing and indefatigably upbeat documentary is powered by the charm of its subject; the good-natured, street-smart, sensitive and resourceful Shabu. Exploring the architecturally striking, working-class Rotterdam neighbourhood of De Peperklip (The Paperclip) and its multifarious community, it’s a joyful, evocative, and optimistic watch. 


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2022 Netherlands dir Shamira Raphaëla 75 min

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