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Scrapper (12A) (AD)

A young father runs with his young daughter in an abandoned warehouse

Lola Campbell plays a street-smart orphan surviving on her east London estate, until her estranged dad Harris Dickinson shows up, in Charlotte Regan's hilarious yet tender drama. 

In east London, young Georgie (incredible newcomer Lola Campbell) is doing just fine. Her mum passed away, leaving her alone, but Georgie is manning the house, fooling school and grown-ups that her uncle is around and looking after her. 

All's well in her life until her estranged father (Harris Dickinson - Triangle of Sadness, Beach Rats, who hails from east London himself) turns up on the estate trying to play the father figure. 

Scrapper is the debut feature from Charlotte Regan, who started making videos with local rappers at 15. Deeply rooted in place, Scrapper is a poignantly considered drama/comedy about a strained father-and-daughter, told from a child's perspective, not unlike Sean Baker's The Florida Project.

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UK 2023 dir Charlotte Regan 84 min

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Sat 9 Sep at 2:05pm in Cinema 2
Wed 13 Sep at 8:45pm in Cinema 2

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‘An immensely impressive feature launch for Regan.‘
The Wrap
‘A sweet, pastel-colored Spin on British Realism‘