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Preview: Priscilla (15) (AD)

A man rests his head on a young woman's neck at a table in a dark bar.

Sofia Coppola adapts the memoirs of Priscilla Presley, wife of the king of rock and roll, in this stunning feminist drama set in Graceland in the 60s and 70s.

Renowned director Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation) directs Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi as the tumultuous Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Presley in this deliciously put together drama about the lived experience of being married to a superstar. 

Going back to her earlier influences of adolescence, first loves, and lavish domestic aesthetics, Coppola's adaptation of Priscilla Presley's memoirs is so wonderfully cinematic it's hard to believe it really happened - yet, of course, we all know the story of Elvis Presley and his young bride. 

Priscilla and Elvis meet when the former is a teenager, recently having left Tennessee with her family. Elvis, although he could have any woman on the planet, sees something, in Priscilla: a taste of home, an innocence.

Priscilla is the story of their marriage, of the making of a woman. 

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USA 2023 dir Sofia Coppola 113 min

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