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Preview: Orlando, My Political Biography (15*) + Conversation with Paul B. Preciado and Erika Balsom

A young person has a ruff fastened around their neck by an older person, also wearing a ruff.

In partnership with Fitzcarraldo Editions, we present a preview of the highly anticipated film by writer Paul B. Preciado based on the novel Orlando. 

The film is a reimagining of Virginia Woolf’s famed Orlando, centring around a young man who grows up to become a 36-year-old woman. 

In his response to Woolf’s text, Paul B. Preciado reflects on how the fictional character has transcended literature to become a tangible reality. Preciado explores the transformation of Orlando's body as a symbol that resonates with non-binary individuals worldwide.

Through the voices of young people undergoing similar journeys, Preciado narrates his own transformation in a poetic odyssey where life, literature, theory, and imagery blend in the pursuit of truth. He emphasizes that individuals like Orlando, who identify as transgender, face daily challenges navigating norms, legal systems, historical contexts, psychiatric perspectives, familial expectations, and the influence of pharmaceutical corporations.

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98 mins, 2023, France 

Cinema 1