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Polite Society (12A) (AD)

A girl takes a fight stance whilst in formal wear in a still from Polite Society

A feisty aspiring stunt-girl must rescue her sister from impending matrimony in Nida Manzoor's Kung-Fu coming-of-age.

We Are Lady Parts writer Nida Manzoor presents her directorial debut in this 'sister love story', in which a girl is on a mission to save her sister from her upcoming marriage.

Ria (new-comer Priya Kansara) dreams of being a stunt-woman, with her sister becoming a famous artist. When her sister falls in love, Ria's plans for them fall to the wayside, and so, out of sisterly duty, she must call the treacherous event off, by any means necessary. 

In her first feature, Manzoor brings to the big screen a refreshing portrayal of Muslim youth that packs a whole lot of punches, combining the luxuriousness of Bollywood with British irony, in this heart-warming Kung-Fu sibling comedy. 

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UK 2023 dir Nida Manzoor min

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Tue 9 May at 20:50 in Cinema 3
Thu 11 May at 18:05 in Cinema 1.

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