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Pearl (15) (AD)

A young woman in a WWI era red dress prays, with running makeup as though she's been crying. A still from Pearl.

How far would you go for fame? Mia Goth dreams of being a star, but creates a living nightmare in Ti West's twisted prequel to X.

A24 presents Ti West's prequel to last year's widely acclaimed sexy-slasher-horror X. Mia Goth is back as Pearl, a lonely young woman with a deep, dark desire to be adored. Trapped on their rural Texan farm with her delibitated father and her severely devout mother, Pearl will do whatever it takes to leave that place behind.

Set amidst the disastrous backdrop of the Spanish Flu pandemic which devastated the planet following WWI, Pearl is both an exploration of the challenges of early 20th century America, and an interrogation into the psychological damage loneliness and dissatisfaction can trigger. Paying homage to horrors of the 1970s, Pearl could not be further from the average period piece.

Sometimes, desire really can be maddening.

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USA 2023 dir Ti West 103 min

Captioned Screenings: Please note, the following screenings are HOH Captioned:

 Wednesday 05 Apr at 18:10 in Cinema 2

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‘Goth is now the Judy Garland of horror.‘
‘Pearl cements Mia Goth’s place as a true horror icon.‘
‘Goth’s ability to swap between Pearl’s true self and the mask she wears in public is wonderful to watch.‘

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