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Passages (18) (AD)

A man and a woman embrace intimately in bed.

In Ira Sachs' seductive romance, a same-sex marriage is thrown in to disarray when one man falls for a younger woman.

From American director Ira Sachs comes Passages, a Paris-based drama about a same sex marriage descending into chaos, when a man (Franz Rogowski) falls in love with a woman (Adèle Exarchopoulos), causing a serious rift with his husband (Ben Wishaw).

Praised by critics for its modern and realistic portrayal of the nuances of relationships, Passages sees Sachs bridge his usually tender style with a uniquely European sensibility, providing an insightful and authentic take on the complexities, contradictions and cruelties of love and desire.

Passages premiered at Sundance in January. 

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2023 France dir Ira Sachs 92 min

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‘A briskly-moving, turbulent, emphatically sexy, deliberately exasperating love triangle in crazy times.‘
‘Doesn’t shy away from desire at its most carnal and embodied‘
‘A messy little movie about a specifically awful brand of narcissist who will be frighteningly familiar to many of us who have known him and even more so to those who might well be him.‘

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