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Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (PG) (AD)

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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Still

Join the world's cutest anthropomorphic shell (voiced by Jenny Slate) on a quest to reunite with his family, in this heart-warming stop-motion mockumentary.

After moving into an Airbnb, struggling filmmaker Dean meets a sweet little shell called Marcel, who lives there with his grandmother. Following a mysterious tragedy, Marcel’s entire family have disappeared. When Dean starts filming Marcel, the group are thrown into internet fame, as the world gathers to see if Marcel will be able to reunite with his lost family.

From the 2010 viral sensation video, A24 brings us the continuation of Marcel's journey, exploring loss, hope and the power of community. Director Dean Fleischer Camp stars in and directs his debut feature, with Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) returning as the captivating voice of Marcel, and Isabella Rossellini as his grandmother Connie. Let yourself fall in love with Marcel The Shell With Shoes On - you will never look at a mollusc the same way again

US 2021 dir Dean Fleischer Camp 89 min

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