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War Pony (15)

Parent and Baby

A group of boys ride bikes during sunset in a still from War Pony

The gritty tender coming-of age about two Oglala Lakota boys growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

War Pony is the powerfully delicate portrait of two Native boys growing up on a US reservation, trying to carve a life for themselves.

23 year old Bill (Jojo Bapteise Whiting) chases the American Dream, imagining a life for himself outside the reservation. 12 year old Matho (LaDainian Crazy Thunder) can't wait to enter manhood, and without the support of his young father to help him on that journey, makes a series of decisions that leads him down a darker path. 

A film of belonging and hope, War Pony is a gritty window into the realities of young men on the edges of society, made with collaboration with Pine Ridge Reservation. 

The directorial debut of Riley Keough (Daisy Jones & The Six, Zola) and Gina Gammell, and written with first-time writers, Franklin Sioux Bob and Bill Reddy, War Pony sees break-out performances from both leads.  

2022 USA dir Riley Keough, Gina Gammell 115 min 


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