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Crash (18)

My Twisted Valentine

A couple get close during a car journey

Mark the occasion but avoid the cliches, spend Valentine’s Day with Cronenberg’s 90s masterpiece, “an orgy of bent fenders and bent love” (New York Times).

Always compellingly creepy, James Spader plays James Ballard, a film producer involved in a nasty car crash. The accident kills the other driver and badly injures the driver’s wife Helen (Holly Hunter). It leaves James shaken… yet strangely aroused. Soon he and Helen, along with his wife Elizabeth, drift into a bizarre underground subculture of car crash fetishists.

Both lauded (at Cannes) and reviled (by the Daily Mail) upon release in 1996, Crash has since taken its place as a key film of the 1990s. Hailed as “hilariously brilliant” by filmmaker-provocateur John Waters, it was also adored by JG Ballard, author of the source novel.  

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Canada/UK 1996 Dir David Cronenberg 100 min digital presentation

Please note: this film contains explicit sex scenes, nudity

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