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My Imaginary Country (15)

Protesters march on the streets of Chile

The latest explosion by Chilean documentarian Patricio Guzmán chronicles the political uprising that erupted on the street of Santiago in 2019, as the people demanded change.

“October 2019, an unexpected revolution, a social explosion. One and a half million people demonstrated in the streets of Santiago for more democracy, a more dignified life, a better education, a better health system and a new Constitution.

Chile had recovered its memory. The event I had been waiting for since my student struggles in 1973 finally materialized.” - Patricio Guzman

Turning his lens on to his home country of Chile once again, the seasoned documentarian Patricio Guzman documents the public's unrest and demands for more social democracy and social care in the country. 

Taking us directly to the heart of the protests, Guzman profiles the young people (particularly the young women) refusing to step back, and demanding their country changes.

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2023 USA dir Patricio Guzman 83 min

Spanish with English subtitles.

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