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Mullova Ensemble: Transfigured Night

with music by Jasmine Morris

Viktoria Mullova playing her violin

Through music, poetry and dance, Viktoria Mullova and her ensemble take us on an immersive journey into a nocturnal forest, setting the scene for Schoenberg’s profoundly moving ode to love.

A magical atmosphere created through lighting and set design invites us into the first part of the programme, which is further brought to life by Joshua Junker’s choreography as danced by Ching-Ying Chien.

Punctuated by Jasmine Morris’s electronic music using samples of Verklärte Nacht and by verses of the Richard Dehmel poem that inspired Schoenberg projected behind the stage, the Mullova Ensemble plays music that anticipates the themes of Schoenberg’s work. Alongside moments of improvisation, the ensemble moves from moonlit forests to romantic declarations, foreshadowing the passion of a story in which despair is vanquished by love. Then, suddenly, all special effects vanish, focussing attention on the intense beauty of Verklärte Nacht.

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Produced by the Barbican

Award-winning dance with a classical score

Spiritual, playful and mystical dance-theatre from choreographer Pam Tanowitz and Pulitzer prize-winning composer David Lang.

Milton Court Concert Hall