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More Travels with My Camera

Photograph by photographer and writer Adrian Whittle from his exhibition More Travels with my Camera

Adrian Whittle

Street and portrait photography from Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as the stories behind some of the pictures by photographer and writer Adrian Whittle. Works are also for sale.

Writer and photographer Adrian says "For me, a photograph is often the culmination of a longer exchange with a stranger who initially interests me because of their face, clothing or activity.  This exchange may be brief or can develop into a more sustained connection. People will often reveal intimate things about themselves if someone shows interest, even a complete stranger.  In return I am often asked about my life, work and beliefs.  Some of my best pictures have been taken while hearing about the lives of others.

Adrian's work has been exhibited in the Maison Bertaux Gallery in Soho, Fry's Gallery in Havering and the Jeannie Avent Gallery in East Dulwich. He writes about travel, culture and architecture for Jewish Renaissance and Spirit of Progress magazines. 

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