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The Beasts (15)

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A middle aged French couple relocated in rural Galicia find themselves horn to horn with the locals in Rodrigo Sorogoyen's psychological French-Spanish thriller. 

Looking for a slice of pastoral paradise, a middle aged couple move from France to a small village in rural Spain. The newcomers find themselves facing hostility from two local brothers under the pretence of a wind-farm project, that quickly shapes itself into violence. The Beasts wrestles with xenophobia and otherness, as deep-rooted tradition and modernity collide in the beautiful yet brutal Galician countryside. 

Premiering at Cannes in 2022, The Beasts sees Denis Ménoches (fresh off playing the titular character in François Ozon's Peter von Kant) joined by Marina Foïs under the the direction of Rodrigo Sorogoyen in this tri-lingual rural thriller.

2022 France, Spain dir Rodrigo Sorogoyen 139 min 

Screened with English subtitles.

Cinema 2