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Loving Highsmith (12A)

Still from Loving Highsmith

A touching documentary uncovering the vibrant hidden life of world renowned novelist Patricia Highsmith.

Loving Highsmith is a unique look at the life of celebrated American author Patricia Highsmith based on her diaries and notebooks and the intimate reflections of her lovers, friends and family.

Focusing on Highsmith’s quest for love and her troubled identity, the film sheds new light on her life and writing. With a roster of novels that have been very successfully adapted for the big screen - The Talented Mr. Ripley, Carol, Strangers on a Train, unlike her stories, Highsmith's vibrant love life had to be hidden from her family and the public.

Through her unpublished writings, voiced by Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), a side to the astounding author is finally revealed. Loving Highsmith is a touching portrait of one of the most fascinating female writers to have lived.

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2022 dir Eva Vitija 84 min


‘The documentary’s mosaic-like construction evokes Highsmith’s unusually complex triangle of literary drive, personal frustrations, and public image‘
Richard Brody, The New Yorker
‘An intense and emotional, multiform voyage through the artistic and human world of one of the most fascinating writers‘
Muriel Del Don, Cineuropa
‘As multilayered as one of Highsmith’s own plots‘
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

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