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Love Life (12A)

A man and a woman stand next to each other in funeral wear.

Kôji Fukada’s new family drama is a raw and complex portrayal of the fallout of a tragedy.

Taeko (Fumino Kimura) raises her son Keita (Tetta Shimada) with her Jiro (Kento Nagayama). When Keita's long lost father Park reappears following an accident, Taeko feels responsible, and starts helping the now deaf and homeless man.

As Taeko and Jiro drift, furthers tears appear in their relationship, until the world around them unfurls into dissarray. 

Previous Cannes winner Kôji Fukada (A Girl Missing, Harminoneum) directs his latest with delicacy and detail, bringing a realism to an undeniably tragic set of events. 

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2022 France/Japan dir Kôji Fukada 123 min

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